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Do you ever wish that you could switch up your hair type for something new? With the power of keratin treatments and perms, you can semi-permanently change your hair texture to either straight or curly! Adriana’s Salon & Boutique offers Iowa City quality and cost-effective hair treatment services. This means if you’re wanting to straighten your curls, or curl your straight locks, you’ve come to the right place!

treatment services & prices

  • Keratin Smoothing Treatment $160
  • Hair Botox consultation

what you can expect

When coming in for your hair treatment appointment, you can expect to be greeted by our receptionist who will check you in. When called, your stylist will walk you to their chair and begin the hair treatment process–which may start with washing and/or brushing the hair before starting on the perm or keratin treatment.

keratin smoothing treatment

If you’re looking for a way to smooth and straighten out your hair, a keratin smoothing treatment might be the answer for you–and Adriana’s Salon & Boutique offers Iowa City quality keratin treatment services. Keratin treatments are a chemical process that fully or slightly straightens hair, which can last up to six months depending on your hair type and our stylist recommendation.

hair botox

Hair botox is a treatment is an infusion of nutrients, antioxidants, hydrating oils, bonding agents, and other essential materials and formulas to help repair and strengthen your hair your hair. There are few treatments better to help keep hair looking happy, healthy, and most importantly, you.

our promise to you

Here at Adriana’s Salon & Boutique, we treat each client like family–which means you’re receiving the top salon and spa services in Iowa City, each and every time you walk through our doors. With our quality hair treatment services, you’ll leave Adriana’s Salon & Boutique feeling and looking like the best you! Book an appointment today with our salon experts, because we know looking good, feels great.